New Courts Information

Update:  Courts are now complete and open to all.

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The new Pickleball courts with permanent nets built by the City for public use are OPEN at Memorial Park.  (If you at all interested in the history of this effort, it is in an attached document at the bottom.) There are 4 courts, one of which has less space around the net posts.  All four are lighted at night by turning a switch.  The lights go off at 10pm.  Some players are playing in both places or switching back to Mautino when there are too many people waiting.

***PLEASE be aware, there are no loaner paddles, balls, first aid kit, whiteboard, lost and found, etc. at the new courts until we get a storage box installed.  Seating is limited, so bring your chairs.  I have some new balls I can give you if you want to play at the new courts and don’t have any.***  We are working with the City on all these extras in hopes of getting them done in the near future.  The water fountain is not finished either.  Bring your water bottle.

You may have to get leaves off the courts with your own broom or blower until we buy a rechargeable blower and have a place to store it.

SAFETY INFO – Due to the fact there are transients who hang around Memorial Park, you may want to:

– Close and lock your car, specially if you are parked away from the courts.

– Walk with a buddy at night.  One light stays on all night and the Police department is planning to install cameras possibly next week.

-Be aware of your surroundings when entering the restrooms (restrooms close at 8pm).

-See something, say something.  The Police Dept. number to call is on a metal sign outside one of the courts.  They have really increased their response when that number is called.

-Report any vandalism to the same number.

-Anything you leave at the courts will likely be gone when you go back, unless the Parks Maintenance guys pick it up.

Not trying to be scary, just be aware.

After 8pm to closing at 10pm, the restrooms are locked and all areas of the park except the lighted pickleball and tennis courts are closed.

Everyone will have to organize the group you play with and decide where you want to play until we get everything moved to the new site.  Please be patient.  If you see a City employee, tell them how much we appreciate the new facilities!  ***TART***


October 18, 2018, First Day of Play on the new Memorial Park Courts

Feb. 2011 – Sandy Pack submits a request to the City of Grass Valley (GV) for dual striping of one tennis court at Mautino Park for pickleball and tennis. We had learned to play the game at Lake Wildwood in 2010/11 and thought a club in Grass Valley would be fun and accessible to those living outside LWW. We were turned down. Club Sierra resurfaced a tennis court and let us play for free until May 2012.

May, 2012 – GVPC submitted another request to the City Parks and Recreation Commission for for dual use of a tennis court for pickleball, after Club Sierra started charging us $5/day. We agreed to do the work of striping. Approved, passed on to the City Council, approved. We applied for an Enchroachment Permit to paint the lines. Lines were painted in October, 2012. We received a USAPA Grant for 2 portable nets in Nov. 2012.

April, 2014 – Submitted a request to the GV Public Works Dept. for conversion of the dual use court at Mautino Park into 4 single use permanent pickleball courts. We had an estimate of $8500 for the work, which included resurfacing one tennis court to 4 pickleball courts, permanent nets and finishing the dividing fence. No action taken while GV awaited the new City Manager.

May, 2015 – City Staff Report by the new City Manager requested approval of use of $100,000 of Quimby (Development) funds for pickleball courts at Mautino Park. Approved. Completion expected by the end of 2016.

Summer, 2015 – Plans and estimates received by GV for 4 or 6 courts for Mautino Park. Mautino Park closes at dusk and no lights are permitted.

November, 2016 – City Council approves an administrative report shifting potential improvements to Memorial Park, the priority park. Memorial Park allows activity until 10pm and lights are permitted.

October, 2017 – GV awards a contract for construction of 4 pickleball courts at Memorial Park in the “BBQ Area.” The Club had reviewed the plans for that location and rejected the layout. The City decided to move ahead regardless.

November, 2017 – after a conflict with Veteran’s organizations arose over the layout of the courts requiring removal of trees and a memorial stone in Veteran’s section of the park, a new layout in the location near the existing tennis courts was approved by the City Council at a contentious meeting. The Veterans supported the move and GVPC supported the preservation of the trees and memorial. The new location was better for all.

October 17, 2018 – the contract was signed off as complete, the locks removed and pickleball was played under the lights!